History of Presidential Egg Nog Even before Millard Fillmore, George Washington was an eggnog enthusiast.  Apparently his was a version strong enough that his guests were hesitant to try a second glass.  So as the history of eggnog goes, it was a wine and egg drink brought to America in the late 1800’s.  When it made its way to America, we changed the wine for rum, which at that time was called “grog.”  The festive Christmas drink was then called “Egg and Grog,” you can probably see where this is going.   A “nog” was a small mug that was used for drinking in taverns in the 1800’s.  It seems that Egg Nog, therefore, got its name from “Egg and Grog that was served in a nog.”

In the typical presidential manner, Fillmore’s Tavern started making Egg Nog back in the late ‘70s as strong as our forefather’s made it.  Fillmore’s Egg Nog has evolved into a holiday favorite with requests starting in the early Fall.  Come to Fillmore’s for a glass and we are pretty sure you will be leaving with a bottle!  If you pre-order any bottle, you receive $2 off per bottle.

Happy Holidays and Thank You for another wonderful year!